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Is a leader in the IT services industry.   We provide a full lifecycle of secure, innovative IT solutions for some of the most demanding customers.   Driven by a passion for doing things faster, better and smarter - and employing the technical expertise with which to deliver impressive results - we bring secure, innovative solutions that meet the complex and challenging demands of our clients. 

Information Technology

Use Information Technology to grow your business, not complicate it. With the right information technology systems, you can streamline your infrastructure while simultaneously mitigating the risks associated with IT.  NHouse Design & Technology (NHDT) will help you define, evaluate, protect, and distribute data within your organization. We'll identify your risks, and you'll get the right information to the right people at the right time.

NHDT leverages IT to create and run an information system that addresses your business requirements. Working with the customer as consultants we plan, design, test, deploy, support, and maintain your IT infrastructure, systems, and applications. Our solutions stay secure, strategic, and flexible while minimizing costs and maximizing the value of your investment. And most importantly, they perform well.

From Operational Management to Project Management, our expert services will help you stay up-to-speed and in control. NHDT understands and implements cutting-edge technologies. We can help you identify your IT risks and take command of them.   There is an element of risk in every business venture. Control it with NHDT.

Retail Services:

If you have any of the following problems, our  computer service technicians help:


NHouse Design & Technology

is one of the growing Business and Residential services firms in Maryland. Our computer repair divsion can fix computers for business owners and residential customers with fast, one call solutions for all of their computer support needs.

For fast computer help, call us today for information on rates and services and let us show you why we are your computer experts for all your computer tech support!.

Are you looking for a way to improve your computer and network performance without making a costly investment in new equipment?  

Let us survey your equipment and recommend ways you can extend your service-life while improving your performance. We can upgrade computer memory, hard-drives, and other components at a minimal cost to give them a new lease on life!

We also offer other on-site PC services, including:

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